Who We Are

 HOCKEY REVOLUTION manufactures revolutionary hockey training equipment with innovative solutions for most effective practice. Professionals and certified coaches participate in the development of these training aids.  The use of our training aids allows you to achieve effective, dynamic and much more interesting training process.  

Our Vision

 Our priority is to create training aids that would maximally adapt the training process from home off ice environment to real on-ice conditions.  Various techniques, performance of complex movements during the game perfect and consolidate the sense of timing, stimulate mastering of new skills and the development of automatic movements. 


It Starts With You

 To become a good hockey player, You must train not only with a team on ice, but You also must be determined to spend a lot of time training alone. That is why we also created HOCKEY RECOLUTION app. Therefore, the development process of training aids  has emphasized the possibility for everyone to convert training aids for using at home.