Do You know the difference?

My Slide Board Lit and My Slide Board Pro are made to strengthen your skating (hip) muscles on the highest levels when You are off the ice. This way, you can prevent injury while playing on the ice.
  • it is designed to mimic real ice, so you can glide smoothly and effortlessly.
  • stoppers are durable but comfortable enough for you to slam your feet against them repeatedly. 
  • it is very compact and with a tiles system, you can easily make it bigger or smaller. 

    My Slide Board Pro
    Create numerous combinations – it will help to increase your power, leg strength, speed, flexibility, balance, endurance, and agility.
    My Slide Board Lit
    Improve your stride. My Slide Board Lit will allow You, to enhance your stickhandling skills and movements so you can be more powerful in the field.
    My Slide Board Lit  My Slide Board Pro
    Total Tiles 12 20
    Tile Size 13"x13" (33cm x 33cm)
    13"x13" (33cm x 33cm)
    Total Size 6.5 ft x 2 ft 10.5 ft x 2 ft
    Usage Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
    Total Stoppers 2 4
    Ice Feeling ✔️